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What We can Offer

Our Services 
  • Executive Protection

  • Guard Services

  • Risk Assessments

  • Background Investigations​

Hawk I Global Security Personal Protection Services Provides:
 • Advance preparations and analysis for the protection of an individual event, venue, or long term assignment
 • Install specific physical security systems needs and controls
 • Identification and screening of individuals
 • Information and protective intelligence to formulate security plans and support a safe environment
 • Engagement with law enforcement and corporate security partners
 • Technical security for
 • A specific operational security plan for the screening and protection of particular assets, individuals or places
 • Countermeasures including pro-active surveillance and technical monitoring

Security Guard Services:
Hawk I Global Security Armed and Un-armed Security Guard Division offers state of the art security guard services.  The members of our security guard division come from diverse backgrounds. Hawk I Global Security staff is selected from the same geographical area in which their security services are required. The security guard division is formally trained in security guard academies and continues to obtain in the job training by retired U.S. Secret Service and law enforcement personnel. Hawk I Global Security follows the same work ethics and protocols that are traditionally utilized by the Secret Service and recognized worldwide by the security industry. Our security guards are paired up with seasoned retired/ active law enforcement officers to ensure the delivery of quality work. 
Hawk I Global Security was created to furnish highly trained and skilled security officers whose primary goal is to provide physical security to our select customers, their infrastructure, and their staff. We understand that our clients’ needs are diverse and therefore our security guard division can adapt to the various duties such as access control, facility monitoring, residential, construction sites and industrial perimeter patrol. Our security guard division is vetted through an extensive background check process following the highest U.S. standards in order to protect our select customer assets and people. Our security operations are designed to the needs of our select clients and the logistics and security plans are confirmed and approved directly by our customers.

Risk Assessments:
Risk is identified as “a probability or threat of damage, injury, liability, loss, or any other negative occurrence that is caused by external or internal vulnerabilities, and that may be avoided through preemptive action.” There are multiple risk factors to think about when it comes to protecting what is important to you: your family and your company.

Hawk I Global Security believes effective risk mitigation strategies begin with an identification of what matters most to our clients in the protection of their interests and assets. Risk mitigation strategies have to be effective and provide protection to our clients and their interests, both internally and externally. The plan needs to be flexible and able to adapt to new challenges.

Hawk I Global Security will develop and implement an individualized plan, taking measured steps to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment, benchmarked against a particular industry, by conducting site visits, pertinent interviews, stakeholder meetings, and reviewing documents, policies, procedures, and protocols. A risk assessment with categorical emphasis will identify potential problems across an organization’s enterprise, its assets, and operations. Results are obtained, qualified, quantified, and reported during a cohesive process, culminating in a proprietary and confidential report. For projects and initiatives still in the planning stage, Hawk I Global Security can build a risk mitigation plan and oversee its implementation.

Hawk I Global Security engages with and supports:
 • Corporations, their facilities, people, consumer brands, intellectual property, manufacturing and supply chain
 • Healthcare and educational facilities
 • Commercial properties, schools and campus environments
  • Public transportation and transit providers
  • High net worth clients and family offices seeking enterprise risk controls and personal security consultation
 • Corporate facilities and campuses, sporting venues and stadiums
 • Evaluation of physical security systems and controls and how they are integrated
 • CCTV cameras, access control, intrusion and fire alarms
 • Operational security plan
 • Personal protection, site security assets and providers
 • Evaluation of information, intelligence, and the environment for risk

Background Investigations:
Hawk I Global Security’s founder has over 25 years of work experience with the United States government. The staff is primarily comprised of retired and experienced U.S. Secret Service personnel, who currently hold Top Secret (TS) clearances.

Having had worked with an agency that possessed the statutory authority to conduct high-level security clearance background investigations as part of their investigative mission and conduct comprehensive investigations at the highest levels; allows our clients to benefit from the highest level of service available to the private sector at this time. Currently, Hawk I Global Security provides background investigation services to the U.S. Secret Service as part of contract work provided to assist new hiring efforts and conducting update reviews.

Hawk I Global Security workforce brings other highly qualified retired federal Special Agents with diverse experience and collectively, they have decades of experience providing the U.S. government a high level of professionalism, experience and subject matter expertise, operational efficiencies, and integrity. Our staff also has bilingual language capabilities with advance proficiencies in the Spanish and Polish language(s).

Based on the background of staff, Hawk I Global Security understands the importance of background investigations.  Specifically, their accuracy, as the work product is critical to ensuring homeland security and private sector initiatives.

Tactical Medical Response Program:
Make sure that everyone in your organization, company, school, or department has he right plan, is trained and confident in what to do in case of an active-shooter, bomb threat, or other security incident.

Hawk I Global Security offers realistic Tactical Medical Response Programs to our elite clientele through our strategic partner for public and private corporations.  The programs consist of detailed plans, on-site trainings and drills for:

EMERGENCY: Earthquakes, fire, evacuation and shelter-in-place hands-on training.

MEDICAL RESPONSE: Red Cross Adult - First Aid, CPR, AED training & certification.

SECURITY RESPONSE: Active-shooter, internal/ external threat, and bomb threat training