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Security Guard Services

Hawk I Global Security Armed and Un-armed Security Guard Division offers state of the art security guard services.  The members of our security guard division come from diverse backgrounds. Hawk I Global Security staff is selected from the same geographical area in which their security services are required. The security guard division is formally trained in security guard academies and continues to obtain in the job training by retired U.S. Secret Service and law enforcement personnel. Hawk I Global Security follows the same work ethics and protocols that are traditionally utilized by the Secret Service and recognized worldwide by the security industry. Our security guards are paired up with seasoned retired/ active law enforcement officers to ensure the delivery of quality work. 

Hawk I Global Security was created to furnish highly trained and skilled security officers whose primary goal is to provide physical security to our select customers, their infrastructure, and their staff. 

We understand that our clients’ needs are diverse and therefore our security guard division can adapt to the various duties such as access control, facility monitoring, residential, construction sites and industrial perimeter patrol. Our security guard division is vetted through an extensive background check process following the highest U.S. standards in order to protect our select customer assets and people. Our security operations are designed to the needs of our select clients and the logistics and security plans are confirmed and approved directly by our customers.

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